Eastern Sierra | Horseback Trek & Fly Fishing


Cost: $2,750
Email us for 2020 availability
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights 
Activities: Horseback riding, Fly fishing
$750 deposit due to reserve spots. Full balance due 60 days before departure.
(contact us for alternate payment plans)


This 3 day, 3 night adventure in the John Muir wilderness brings together the best of what this iconic mountain range has to offer. A chance to harness your inner John Wayne…or John Muir. We’ll be riding horses deep into the heart of the Inyo National Forest with a pack train of mules carrying all the gear needed to have an adventure worth telling stories about. We’ll also be fly-fishing in a different high alpine lake each day ensuring great fishing for beginners and experienced anglers. This is a challenging and incredible trip on which you will have a chance to appreciate the vast beauty that makes the Sierras so legendary.


Travel Day: Morning departure from Los Angeles to trailhead lodging
Day 1: Ride from Trailhead over Mono Pass to Mono Creek
Day 2: Fishing and riding at Hopkins & Mono to Second Recess
Day 3: Mono Creek back to Pack Station with an approximate 10pm Los Angeles arrival

Trip Includes

-Download link to professional photos and videos shot on your trip
-All Chef prepared meals and drinks
-Transportation from Los Angeles to Trailhead and back
-Camp Gear
-Fishing Gear

What to Pack

Sleeping bag with a comfort range of 20 to 60 degrees.
Backpacking size foam or inflatable sleeping pad
Broad-brimmed hat is essential for protection from sun at high altitude. It must have strings to keep from blowing off.
Sunglasses (RX glasses) – high altitude sun is BRIGHT!
Pint water bottle for your horn bag
Pocket knife or small multi-tool
Headlamp and extra batteries
Rain jackets and pants or slicker (rolled up you can tie them to the back of your saddle)
Hat protector (to keep your hat dry)
Light jacket (windbreaker)
Wool or fleece pullover/sweater (layers will keep you comfortable)
Gloves (recommend gloves for riding, may want warm gloves for evenings)
Riding boots with a heel
Comfortable shoes for camp
Shirts and pants (long sleeved shirts offer sun, bug and branch protection)
Swim trunks
Bath towel/wash cloth/soap (try a multi-use bar or liquid for use on hair, body and laundry. Biodegradable choices are available.)
Insect repellent such as Cutters
Sun Screen (lotion, cream or stick)- use liberally for sunburn and chapping prevention.
Chapstick with sun protection SPF 15 or better
Lotion (altitude and sun can be dry and chap skin)
Prescription medicine (if required – if you have any allergies, remember to bring appropriate medication)
Band-aids, aspirin, ibuprofen, eye drops, moleskin for any blisters
Baby powder/Talcum powder (helps to relieve any raw or irritated areas from boots, clothes or saddles)


What are the age requirements?
16+ for Moto and Snowmobile trips
8+ for Pack Horse trips

Where can I keep my luggage during my trip?
If you have any luggage, there will be secure storage available.

What additional bags can I bring?
All belongings you bring will need to fit in the backpack/bag we provide or suggest. Any additional bags will be stored securely. On our Moto trips, the chase truck will carry your sleeping bag and ground pad. Everything else will be in your pack.

Are there opportunities to shower?
On our Moto and Pack Horse trips any rain we encounter will be your shower. There are also creeks and ponds where you can rinse off. We provide Wet Wipes in your backpack for additional cleaning. Bring a small, packable towel if you’d like! Our Snowmobile trip accommodations have showers.

Questions? Contact An Adventure Guru