Cosmo Sleeping Pad by Nemo

steve pad

I sleep on the ground more than 30 days a year and my Nemo sleeping pad is hands down a must have for me.

There’s several things I love about it:

1. It’s tiny and easy to fit into the stuff sack
2. They brilliantly put a large purge valve at one end so getting the air out when rolling it up doesn’t take forever
3. It’s extremely tough, I have used it as a make-shift river raft on more than one occasion and it’s still air tight
4. It is not made out of that insanely crinkly fabric that other companies use where the sound of yourself moving at night wakes you up continually. Who wants to sleep on top of a Sun Chips bag?
5. It has a built in foot pump. This might seem minor, but when you are above 10,000′ trying to blow up your ground pad it’s no fun to be almost blacking out
6. It has a built in pillow which is considerably more comfortable than a pile of socks pants and moto boots
7. Because it blows up to about 3″ high it doesn’t matter if you setup your tent on roots, rocks or rodents you’ll still sleep like a baby
Get the last pad you’ll ever need here, it’s worth the investment, trust me.
-Steve Dubbeldam – Founder and Chief of Adventure