WC029 Sequoia to Yosemite

The Wilderness crew just got back from a 4 day motorcycle trip through the Sequoia forest and ending up in Yosemite. Our media wizard, Jordan brought along a camera. Here’s his adventure story:

This was taken right in the beginning of the trip. We had all just met each other. It’s pretty rad the friendships that developed over the next few days. Seth takes in the view.


Johnny Wood has been involved with WC for a while now. This was my first trip with him and man what a legend! Always smiling and always good vibes.


Felix is our chef. When he’s not cooking incredible meals for us, he’s refilling our tanks because someone may or may not have forgotten to fill them up before we left. (Thanks, Steve)


The shifter broke on one of the bikes so Rick and Johnny were trying to figure out how to fix it. They somehow MacGyver’d it until we got to town and we found someone to weld it for us. It eventually fell off again and I had to ride the whole last day in first gear. Ha!

DSC04994 DSC04999

Mile High Curve. Pretty spectacular view.


Pork Belly tacos. Felix rules.


Long exposure while we sat around the campfire.


Drinking a delicious cup of Verve coffee around the fire is the best.


I’m always scared to take pictures at this spot. Can you spot the motorcycle?


The crew with Big Ed. This thing is huge in real life.


Group shot when we made it to Yosemite. Pretty amazing feeling going through the tunnel and seeing this view. It’s exhausting but so rewarding.


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Hope to see you on the next one!