Ep. 08 “The Guest Perspective” | Yosemite Moto

The WC-008 film documents our second trip to Yosemite in  May 2014. It’s a fresh take on the trip and the film because you’ll hear from the guests on the trip who are busy entrepreneurs about the need for peace, the wild and time away from technology. The Herbert Simon quote says it best “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” Enjoy!

Click the thumbnails below to learn more about the gear used on WC-008

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WC-008 was filmed using the following camera and lenses, click the thumbnails or visit Borrowlenses.com for more info

           c300MD75901630-78a5-47cd-a833-a626fb5987b7 MDccf18dfd-258f-47b3-96d5-11da2e9f10dc MD9e193d51-74aa-49e4-bf28-44fe7c739fad