Retrospective: Damon on WC-001


Through my personal and professional career I’ve had the great fortune to travel to a good portion of the world and meet many. Recently at 49 I was fortunate enough to have my son send me an online video he had been sent about a cool interesting trip called, “Wilderness Collective.”  I watched and listened for the full 7 or so minutes.  I simply sent him a text back saying,  “I’m in, contact your brothers and see if they’ll join…”


A few months later the four of us were meeting our fellow participants and the Wilderness Collective team.  What began as a thought of a, “cool guys trip ” evolved and concluded into an unforeseen awakening.


I’ve tried to live by the facts…All of us have so many days left, so lets be sure to maximize every one of them. This experience exemplifies the thinking. From our introductory “hellos,” the experience was amazing.  The moments that turned into memories were ongoing.  The simplicity of the accommodations and trip furthered the experience allowing all to enjoy their total surroundings, one another, the camaraderie, and ability to rethink their future years.  For all of us who are so consumed today with all of the A/V and computer capabilities this all-too-short of a trip galvanized my thoughts of less is better.


There’s certain opportunities in life that present themselves to folks and they don’t move on them for a host of reasons, I say excuses. What Wilderness Collective captures is the best of opportunities to experience, explore, evolve, and enjoy!


For me it was a great time regarding riding, camping, experiencing and enjoying, at first new company but company that quickly became newfound friends.  The words I’ve heard that describe the trip/experience have been: epic, an adventure, courageous, remarkable…and to that I’ll add: a “WOW” trip while being an inspirational and learning experience.

I honestly did not think I would gain as much as I did from these all too short few days but I came home juiced up to do and be even more.

I’ve shared with my boys, now men, that you get out of life what you put into it; returning from this trip I’m ready to put even more into it as I hope everyone had a similar takeaway.  We have so many days on this planet and I’ve always tried to maximize each one and I think all on the trip would agree. This was a trip just over three days in length but due to the Wilderness Collective staff’s pre-work, schedule and vigilance to every detail during the experience, it gave myself and the others what felt like a week or two.


The disconnect from all of our everyday A/V and phone distractions was priceless and a revelation. They have their place, but I believe less is better. The friends made, the beauty seen, the subtle experiences, the mud, water, hills, holes, bumps, food, beverages, fires, rides, “oh Sh@$!” moments, the teamwork, camaraderie, challenges, laughs, and celebration were simply amazing.