Product Review: LuminAid Solar Light

Luminaid-folded copy[T]he folks at LuminAid were kind enough to set up everyone on the WC-000 trip with an amazing solar light of their own. These lights will charge in 5hrs and give light for 8hrs. They fold up into a tiny package that you can clip onto your backpack so it charges while you’re on the trail, but then when you want to use it you just inflate it like a water wing and you have a perfect tent light.

The best part about LuminAid though is the passion behind the product. Founders Anna and Andrew saw a need to bring a safe, sustainable and low cost light source to developing countries so they created a product that achieves that and more. For under $30 you can buy a light for yourself and they will send a light to someone in a developing country where having reliable light can be the catalyst to rising out of poverty.