Private Custom Trip


Whether it’s a bachelor party, team building trip or just you and a group of your friends we’re happy to put something custom for you. Contact us and we’ll start planning an epic adventure.

What’s the min/max group size?

To book with retail pricing our private moto trips have a minimum of 8 riders and a max of 12 riders.

To book with retail pricing our UTV trips require a minimum of 8 machines and a maximum of 12 machines which is a range of 8 to 24 guests depending on guests per machine.

Questions? Contact An Adventure Guru

Additional FAQs

-All costs listed on our site are the total per person and all-inclusive (exluding travel to the meetup point and additional accommodations not other-wise listed)

-Custom/Private trips: We require an up front deposit of $1,000 per person from your group to reserve private dates. This deposit is refunded to the group organizer once all guests are registered.

I am a very new motorcycle rider is the trip for me?
We specialize in and enjoy teaching brand new riders. Whether you have street experience and no off-road experience or little motorcycle experience at all we will help you learn and master the basics by the end of the trip. We have a sweep guide that will make sure you have a great experience and can ride your own ride. Approximately 50% of our guest are new riders.

I’m an experienced motorcycle rider, will I be bored?
Absolutely not! Our lead guides are trained to ride just a bit faster than you. We know what it’s like to be on a trip and feel like you can’t go as fast as you want so we’ve designed the trip to allow experienced riders to rip at the front of the pack and not have to worry about the rest of the group keeping up.

What are the age requirements?
-16+ for Moto, UTV and Snowmobile trips
-No age requirement for UTV passengers

Where do we sleep?
We provide one-person tents for all tours except for our Alaska trips where we stay in lodges. Two-person tents are available upon request.

Can I bring a C-PAP machine?
Yes, if you have a portable C-PAP machine we can charge it nightly with the inverter on the chase truck or lodge on the Alaska trip. On horseback trips we will not have any power available.

Where can I keep my luggage during my trip?
If you have any luggage, there will be secure storage available.

What additional bags can I bring?
All belongings you bring will need to fit in the backpack/bag we provide or suggest specific to the trip. Any additional bags will be stored securely. On our Moto/UTV trips, the chase truck will carry your sleeping bag and ground pad. Everything else will be in your pack.

Are there opportunities to shower?
Yosemite Moto Trips: creeks and lakes
Grand Canyon Off-Road Trip: wet-wipes
Death Valley Moto Trip: wet-wipes
Alaska Trips: hot showers