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This best-selling 4 day ride through the Sierra National Forest to Yosemite National Park features mountains, foothills, rushing rivers, swimming holes, Giant Sequoia groves and more. This is the ultimate trip in terms of remote riding, incredible landscape and fun all within one weekend. As usual we will be bringing along a professional chef, photographer, videographer and everything you need to make this trip one you will never forget.

Private Leadership Lab: Yosemite Moto – 4 Day (Aug 29-Sept 1)

$3,150 (includes motorcycle rental)
• $500 Optional Yosemite Skydiving experience 
• $1,000 deposit due upon booking balance due 60 days before departure

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate (M1 license required, varied terrain, off-road experience helpful. This is our best trip for new riders.)

Dates: August 29-Sept 1st, 2021



It goes without saying, but this is subject to change based on the overall trip progress, on a true adventure anything can happen. The journey is the destination 😉

Day 1

  • 9:00am meetup/pickup from the Wilderness HQ (4284 Union Pacific Ave, Los Angeles, 90023)
  • 4 hour van transport to Fresno with a lunch stop en-route
  • 2:30pm at the Fresno Airport at arrivals
  • 45 minute van transport to the ride start location
  • Ride to Camp #1 in the western Sierra foothills

Day 2

  • All-day ride (with breaks of course) heading north into the High Sierra district and our Camp #2 deep in the forest.
  • Swimming hole opportunities along the way (if temps and/or bravery align)

Day 3

  • All-day ride through the Sierra foothills and mountains until we reach Camp #3
  • Swimming hole opportunities along the way (if temps and/or bravery align)

Day 4

  • Our final day of riding leaving Camp #3 and heading the heart of Yosemite Valley ending in front of El Capitan
  • 2.5 hr van transport back to Fresno for an early evening drop-off 
  • 4 hour transport back to Los Angeles for a late evening drop-off
  • Plan to stay in Fresno or Los Angeles this evening and fly out the following morning

Trip Includes
  • Rental of 2020 Yamaha WR250R with performance modifications (FMF Q4 exhaust, fuel computer and more)
  • $100k of evacuation insurance
  • Motorcycle damage insurance (limits your out-of-pocket to $1,000)
  • Professional guides, chef, videographer and photographer
  • Download link to professional photos and film shot on your trip
  • Rental of late-model dual-sport enduro motorcycles
  • All fuel
  • Rental of riding equipment: helmet, boots, knee/shin armor and upper body armor
  • Personalized swag kit with Wilderness beanie, mug, T-Shirt and more
  • All food and alcoholic beverages
  • All transportation from pickup points and back
  • All camp gear, tents, chairs, kitchen, etc. (excluding ground-pad and sleeping bag)
  • Valid motorcycle license in your state/country
  • Good physical fitness
Digital Detox Policy

Yes, we really do take your phones away…
All Wilderness trips have been device-free since we started. This means we’ll lock your phone in a safe and don’t bring your camera either. This is intentional to ensure that you get to experience a unique distraction-free experience and is always a highlight of the guests. We’ll be capturing all the photos so you can just enjoy the experience. #trustus

DON’T WORRY, We will have a sat phone with us at all times for inbound and outbound emergency communication with family.

Packing List FAQs

I am a very new rider is the trip for me?

We specialize in and enjoy teaching brand new riders. Whether you have street experience and no off-road experience or little motorcycle experience at all we will help you learn and master the basics by the end of the trip. We have a sweep guide that will make sure you have a great experience and can ride your own ride. Approximately 50% of our guest are new riders.

I’m an experienced rider, will I be bored?

Absolutely not! Our lead guides are trained to ride just a bit faster than you 😉 We know what it’s like to be on a trip and feel like you can’t go as fast as you want so we’ve designed the trip to allow experienced riders to rip at the front of the pack and not have to worry about the rest of the group keeping up.

What are the age requirements?

  • 16+ for Moto, UTV and Snowmobile drivers
  • 10+ for Pack Horse trips
  • 3-12 years for Dads & Kiddos UTV passengers

Where do we sleep?

We provide one-person tents for all tours except for our Alaska trips where we stay in lodges. Two-person and larger tents are available upon request.

Can I bring a C-PAP machine?

Yes, if you have a portable C-PAP machine we can charge it nightly with the inverter on the chase truck or lodge on the Alaska trips. On horseback trips we will not have any power available.

Where do I pack my stuff and keep my luggage?

On all trips we can store additional luggage that you are not bringing on the ride securely. 

For each specific trip we will send packing details upon registration however the general guidelines are below.

  • On our Moto trips the chase truck will carry your sleeping bag and ground pad your clothing will be packed into side panniers mounted to your bike.
  • UTV trips you can carry all your personal items in the machine.

COVID & Cancellation Policy

Questions? Contact Us

Wilderness Collective operates under permit on the Sierra National Forest and Yosemite National Park