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Ride through the Sierra National Forest to the iconic Yosemite Valley and El Capitan. This trip includes 4 days of off-road riding through the some of the best mountain riding in the US and camping out at 3 unique spots each night. We’ll cover over 300 miles as we trace our way through foothills, past ancient Sequoia groves, over 8000’+ summits and along rushing rivers. This is the ultimate trip in terms of remote riding, incredible landscape all within one weekend. As usual we will be bringing along a professional cook, photographer, videographer and everything you need to make this trip one you will never forget.

• $3,000 per person (2020 Yamaha WR250R Bike, Gear & more included)
• 25% discount if you bring your own street-legal dirt bike

Dates: July 9-12, 2020

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate (M1 license required, varied terrain, off-road experience helpful. This is our best trip for new riders.)

Travel: 9am Los Angeles HQ meetup or 2pm Fresno Airport meetup. Fresno Airport drop-off around 6:30pm on the final day or Los Angeles HQ late evening drop-off.
*Book outgoing flights for the following morning.

Day 1

  • LA pickup: 9:00am departure from the Wilderness HQ (4284 Union Pacific Ave, Los Angeles, 90023)
  • Fresno pickup: 2:00pm at the Fresno Airport at arrivals
  • Ride approx 50 miles to Creek Camp
  • Optional night ride.

Day 2

  • Ride approx 75 miles to Falls Camp
  • Optional night ride.

Day 3

  • Ride approx 75 miles to River Camp
  • Optional night ride.

Day 4

  • Ride 75 miles into the heart of Yosemite Valley
  • 2.5 hr van transport back to Fresno (estimated 6:30pm drop-off) and then to Los Angeles (late evening drop off).
  • Plan to stay in Los Angeles this evening and fly out the following morning
Trip Includes
  • Rental of 2020 Yamaha WR250R with performance modifications (FMF Q4 exhaust, fuel computer and more)
  • $100k of evacuation insurance
  • Professional guides, chef, videographer and photographer
  • Download link to professional photos and film shot on your trip
  • Rental of late-model dual-sport enduro motorcycles
  • All fuel
  • Rental of riding equipment: helmet, boots, knee/shin armor and upper body armor
  • Personalized swag kit with Wilderness beanie, mug, T-Shirt and more
  • All food and alcoholic beverages
  • All transportation from pickup points and back
  • All camp gear, tents, chairs, kitchen, etc. (excluding ground-pad and sleeping bag)
  • Valid motorcycle license in your state/country
  • Good physical fitness
Packing List

Sleeping Stuff

  • Backpacking size sleeping bag rated at 30°F (for March-April and October-November trips we suggest a 0º-15ºF rating).
    *Do not bring a giant Coleman kids sleepover style sleeping bag, you will be mocked and cold if you do.
    **Sleeping bag liners can boost your bag rating by 10-15º affordably
  • Backpacking size ground pad (inflatable type are the best and insulated versions will keep you the warmest)


  • Ankle height hiking boots or similar for UTV drivers
  • 1+ pair of pants (any type of durable pant will do)
  • 2-3+ moisture wicking t-shirts
  • 2-3+ pairs of riding/hiking socks (not too thick unless it’s a late fall trip)
  • Warmer long sleeve top/layer
  • Lightweight insulated jacket
  • Waterproof shell jacket
  • Swim shorts (not needed for Grand Canyon trips)
  • Lightweight, packable footwear for camp


Accessories & Gear

  • Neck gaiter/buff for sun, cold, dust
  • Sunglasses
  • Small 2L hydration pack or 1L water bottle
  • Minimal personal toiletries: toothbrush etc (we will provide TP and wipe kits)
  • 1L water bottle (should fit in cup-holder)
  • Sunscreen
  • Eye Drops
  • Headlamp
  • Valid motorcycle license
  • Motocross/ATV style goggles
  • Motocross/ATV style gloves


*Additional items for March-April and October-November trips

Gear provided by Wilderness

  • Wilderness beanie
  • Camp Mug
  • Swag toiletry kit
  • TP/Wipes
  • Helmet, boots, knee/shin armor, upper body armor
    *If you prefer your own riding gear feel free to bring it.
Travel Info

Arrival Option: Wilderness HQ

  • Fly into LAX on Day 1
  • Meet at Wilderness HQ (4284 Union Pacific Ave, Los Angeles, 90023) at 9:00am
  • Use a ride-share service to our HQ or we can accommodate limited parking
  • This option is a 4.5 hour drive in the Wilderness sprinter style van to the trailhead

Arrival Option: Fresno Airport

  • Fly into the Fresno International Airport
  • Approximate 2pm pickup from arrivals
  • This option is a 1hr drive from the airport to the trailhead

Departure Option: Wilderness HQ

  • 6-7 hour drive from Yosemite back to Wilderness HQ through Fresno (estimated 9-10pm arrival)
  • Book outgoing flight for the morning after Day 4

Departure Option: Fresno

  • 3 hour drive from Yosemite to Fresno Airport drop-off (estimated arrival 5pm)
  • Book outgoing flights for the morning after Day 4

I am a very new rider is the trip for me?

We specialize in and enjoy teaching brand new riders. Whether you have street experience and no off-road experience or little motorcycle experience at all we will help you learn and master the basics by the end of the trip. We have a sweep guide that will make sure you have a great experience and can ride your own ride. Approximately 50% of our guest are new riders.

I’m an experienced rider, will I be bored?

Absolutely not! Our lead guides are trained to ride just a bit faster than you 😉 We know what it’s like to be on a trip and feel like you can’t go as fast as you want so we’ve designed the trip to allow experienced riders to rip at the front of the pack and not have to worry about the rest of the group keeping up.

What are the age requirements?

  • 16+ for Moto, UTV and Snowmobile drivers
  • 10+ for Pack Horse trips
  • 3-12 years for Dads & Kiddos UTV passengers

Where do we sleep?

We provide one-person tents for all tours except for our Alaska trips where we stay in lodges. Two-person and larger tents are available upon request.

Can I bring a C-PAP machine?

Yes, if you have a portable C-PAP machine we can charge it nightly with the inverter on the chase truck or lodge on the Alaska trips. On horseback trips we will not have any power available.

Where do I pack my stuff and keep my luggage?

On all trips we can store additional luggage that you are not bringing on the ride securely. 

For each specific trip we will send packing details upon registration however the general guidelines are below.

  • On our Moto trips the chase truck will carry your sleeping bag and ground pad your clothing will be packed into side panniers mounted to your bike.
  • UTV trips you can carry all your personal items in the machine.
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees will be applied per person according to the following schedule, based on the date we receive your written notification:

  1. Cancellations initiated by the participant received in writing to Wilderness Collective with more than 60 days notice before tour start date will receive their deposit as a credit to be used towards future tours with Wilderness Collective. The credit expires 1 year after issued. 
  2. Cancellations initiated by the participant received in writing to Wilderness Collective with 60 or less days notice before the tour start date will forfeit their deposit as a cancellation fee. Any balance payments can be held on file as a credit to be used towards future tours and services with Wilderness Collective. The credit expires 1 year after issued.
  3. Cancellations initiated by the participant received in writing to Wilderness Collective with 30 or less days notice before the tour start date will forfeit their deposit and any balance payments as a cancellation fee.

No refunds will be provided for any reason for unused portion of a trip once the trip begins, including if you leave a trip for any reason or have to be removed from a trip. The trip price is a package cost and refunds and credits are not available for services not used.

There are no exceptions to this cancellation and refund policy, including for reasons related to weather, terrorism, civil strife, personal, family or medical emergencies or any other circumstances beyond our control. For this and other reasons, we encourage you to purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance and travel protection (i.e., travel medical insurance and emergency evacuation services).

Wilderness Collective is not responsible for expenses incurred by Participants in preparing for a trip (eg. nonrefundable advance purchase air tickets, equipment, etc.) or for any additional arrangements pre- or post-departure date. The term applies whether the tour is altered, modified, or cancelled by us or by you for any reason. Because the tour may be cancelled when a minimum number of Participants have not signed up, we recommend that you either purchase refundable air tickets or wait until we have confirmed with you approximately 3 months prior to the tour that we have a sufficient number of Participants.

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Wilderness Collective operates under permit on the Sierra National Forest and Yosemite National Park