My first 144 hours with Dad

Last spring I needed to scout the last day of my Grand Canyon trip and some new routes in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest. Normally I go on these scouting trips with a few friends who can ride well and can camp in adverse conditions, but for this trip I was contemplating who to invite and the idea popped into my head to invite my Dad.

He had just turned 60 so it felt like a perfect moment to spend some time together on a big adventure.

I called him up and as usual he was in as soon as I said the word adventure. Though the best part about his willingness to come along was that he had never been on a motorcycle in his life before and was now about to do 6 days of off-road exploration with me. He didn’t seem phased by this small detail.

When he landed in LA I quickly realized that my Dad and I were about to spend the most time we’ve ever spent together with just the two of us. I come from an amazing family but with 5 kids in it, there wasn’t a lot of time for one on one adventuring. 

This trip was an incredible chance to move past all the things we usually talk about and ask my Dad all the things that I’ve wanted to know about his life and learn from his wisdom. So we spent an unforgettable 6 days wandering through high-deserts along the north rim of the Grand Canyon and up into the high 13,000′ mountain peaks of Utah sharing simple meals and life-changing conversation while sleeping under the stars each night.

It was a trip I’ll never forget and my only regret is not doing it sooner. Now, I’m going to make this an annual tradition because nothing gives you a better chance to connect meaningfully than being in the wilderness with people you care about and no idea where you’re headed.

I hope this Father’s day that you can honor your Dad or a mentor in your life or someone who’s on the journey of Fatherhood.