Alaska Snowmobile Expedition

Alaska-2014-Trip[row] [col_7] [T]his WC adventure will take a group of men deep into the frozen heart of Alaska, the last wild state. Riding snowmobiles for over 350 miles riding along the famed Iditarod dogsled trail known as “the last great race on earth”. On this route, we will be riding through trees, fields, and over frozen rivers and mountains.  There will be spectacular views of Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America.  Expect to see moose, foxes, rabbit’s, and unforgettable views of the Northern Lights.

We’ll be covering over 65 miles each day with endless opportunities for powder riding, trail riding and steep climbs. This is an all-inclusive trip with world class cuisine, rustic lodge style accommodations and no expense spared. As always, there will be curated discussions each night exploring character, courage, and manhood.


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REVISED DATE: Feb 20-23, 2014


– $4500 USD (excluding airfare to Anchorage, AK)

– 4 Days of snowmobile riding along the famed Iditarod trail

– Rustic lodging and world class cuisine

– All expenses included

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