A Westy Heads East



[T]here is something that beckons us into the wild.For me the urge to discover and my perpetual persuit of adventure are still as strong as when I was a boy getting lost with my friends.

I hope this flame never dwindles in my heart.

 This past summer my wife Sara and I embarked on a trip that I have dreamed of taking for years. We even did it in the exact vehicle that I had imagined, a 1987 VW Westfalia van.

With bags packed, jobs put on hold, and a house subleased out, we struck out on what proved to be the trip of a lifetime, a roadtrip around America for 62 days.

It is nearly impossible for me to convey in words how amazing and meaningful this trip was to us. We felt the heartbeat of America, touched the soil of Civil War sites that have formed our nation, saw art and architecture that some of my heros created. We explored dusty roads by day and dreampt under the stars in the middle of nowhere by night.



Looking back, I experience two emotions. First is the wish of wanting to be back on the open road. Second is the smile that instantly overwhelms my face. My wife and I did something that we always wanted to, something most people only dream about but never actually take the time to do. During that time we forged an even deeper relationship during those days living in our van, meeting new people, and exploring new territories. Memories that we will share for a lifetime. What we gained was priceless.

I remember when we came back, I had journaled four simple lines into an old notebook:

What we bought was time.

What we lost was money.

What we sought was adventure.

What we gained is forever.




Words by: Sean Woolsey. Follow Sean & Sara’s adventures on Instagram @thewoolsey and see his incredilble wood working at www.seanwoolsey.com