Channel Islands | Sailing


Cost: $2,500
June 21-24, 2018
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Activities: Sailing, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Surfing, SUP
50% deposit due to reserve spots (contact us for alternate payment plans)

The Channel Islands are a chain of 8 islands off the coast of Santa Barbara and visiting them is like visiting California 100 years ago. We’ll be sailing across the Santa Barbara Channel aboard mid-size 30’+ sailboats with the guests helping to crew the boat. Once we reach the islands we’ll explore the sea caves with kayaks, marine sanctuary and even get some surfing and SUP riding in if we’re lucky. As usual, we will be bringing along a professional cook, camera man and everything you need to make this trip one you will never forget.


Day 1:
-10:00am departure from Los Angeles to Oxnard, CA
-sail to Santa Cruz Island

Day 2:
-Explore Scorpion anchorage, Chinese Bay and the Painted Cave
*Surfing, SUP, Sea Kayaks, Snorkelling

Day 3:
-Explore the west side of the island
*Surfing, SUP, Sea Kayaks, Snorkelling

Day 4:
-sail back to the mainland
-evening arrival back in Los Angeles

Trip Includes

-Download link to professional photos and videos shot on your trip
-All food and alcoholic beverages
-All transportation from pickup points and back
-all camp gear, tents, chairs, etc.

Requirements / What to Pack

– Duffel bag (waterproof is nice)
– Backpacking size sleeping bag rated at 0°F – 30°F.
– compression bag for packing clothes
– Ground Pad (foam or inflatable)
– 1 pair of pants
– 2-3 moisture wicking t-shirts
– sandals
– Warmer top or lightweight insulated jacket
– Sunglasses
– Waterproof shell jacket
– Swim shorts
– First layer style thermal underwear top and bottom (optional)
– Minimal personal toiletries
– Headlamp


What are the age requirements?
16+ for Moto and Snowmobile trips
12+ for Pack Horse trips

Do you offer trips for women?
At this time the demand for women’s trips is very low and as such we are offering men’s trips only. However if you are interested in women’s trips we want to hear from you! Email:

All costs listed on our site are the total per person.
Public trips: We require a $1,000 deposit per person for public trips
Custom/Private trips: We require a $10,000 deposit for all private/custom trips. Once the deposit is received, we will then set up a private booking page for your group to book their spot. We’ll also then pull the dates from our public site.

Where can I keep my luggage during my trip?
If you have any luggage, there will be secure storage available.

What additional bags can I bring?
All belongings you bring will need to fit in the backpack/bag we provide or suggest. Any additional bags will be stored securely. On our Moto trips, the chase truck will carry your sleeping bag and ground pad. Everything else will be in your pack.

Are there opportunities to shower?
On our Moto and Pack Horse trips any rain we encounter will be your shower. There are also creeks and ponds where you can rinse off. We provide Wet Wipes in your backpack for additional cleaning. Bring a small, packable towel if you’d like! Our Snowmobile trip accommodations have showers.