Colombia | ADV Motorcycle Tour


Cost: $5,500 (includes bike and gear rental)
April 6-15, 2018
Duration: 10 days
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
Terrain:  60/40 Pavement to Dirt |
Motorcycle riding, Coffee plantation tours, Historic architecture sights
50% deposit due to reserve spots (contact us for alternate payment plans)

Colombia is the ultimate country to ride motorcycles in. The diversity, the roads, the landscapes and the people make it one of the most interesting destinations to ride in South America and the world. Join us as we tour this incredible country on two wheels on an epic 10 day adventure. Choice of BMW R1200GS or F800GS bikes.

Day 1: Arrival to Bogotá
Day 2: Bogotá – Honda. Short ride to get used to the bikes, Colombia traffic, and we don’t need to be in a rush to depart super early from Bogotá. Honda is a lovely colonial town by the banks of the Magdalena river. We stay in a lovely boutique hotel in an old colonial house in the center of the historic town.
Day 3: Honda – Tatacoa Desert. We ride through the Magdalena valley towards the Tatacoa mini desert. It will be a relatively flat road with a nice dirt section towards the end. We stay at a small hotel in a small town near the outskirts of the desert.
Day 4: Tatacoa Desert – San Agustín Archeological park. We continue to ride bordering the Magdalena river and we head toward the awesome archeological park of San Agustín. Mostly paved but really cool.
Day 5: San Agustín – Popayán. In the morning we will take some time to explore the park by foot and check out the stone statues. Mid day we will begin our ride towards Popayan. A good dirt section will take us to the Magdalena river straight and then up and across the central mountain range. We arrive into the white city Popayan.
Day 6: Popayán – Salento. A longish ride but fast. We will be riding the Cauca valley, the river that is in between the central and western mountain ranges. From the sugar cane plantations to the coffee plantations. We finalize the day in the coffee region town of Salento
Day 7: Salento – Termales del Ruíz (hot springs). Today is a very cool day, the ride is short but fun. On our way to the hot springs we will stop at a coffee farm and have a typical lunch and do a short tour of the plantation and learn more about the coffee process. We then finish off the day with an amazing location at 3,600 mts near the national park of Los Nevados. An awesome hotel with natural hot springs.
Day 8: Termales to La Miel. A sensory overload day. We begin at 3,600 mts and climb up to 4,200 mts, we will ride through the national park and begin our descent towards the Magdalena valley once more, at almost 0 mts above sea lever. We wrap up the day in La Miel river at some awesome cabins in the middle of the jungle.
Day 9: We take some time in the morning to relax and swim in the river and then head out towards Bogotá. Our last riding day.
Day 10: Depart
Trip Includes
-Motorcycle rental BMW F800GS (available upgrade to BMW R1200GS)
-2 motorcycle guides
-Hotels (9 nights). A mix of boutique, traditional and rustic
-Motorcycle fuel
-All breakfasts
-All lunches
-All dinners
-Transfer air-hotel-air
-Coffee plantation tour
Requirements / What to Pack
– Riding Suit/Gear: Well ventilated adventure style riding suit. Colombia is a land of many microclimates. Most of the riding will be in the range of the 25 to 30 degrees celsius. With some hotter days and some mildly cold mountains passes
– Helmet, gloves and boots
– A dual purpose helmet with faceshield and goggles is our recommendation. If the conditions are dusty the goggles will be very welcoming
– Rain shell. Better than the inner waterproof liners. Rain is always a possibility in Colombia. The inner waterproof liners may be too hot for some occasions
– Dryfit type of under layers for riding. These are easily washable overnight in the hotel shower or sink and can be worn again the next day
– After riding clothes: light t shirts, light long pants, shorts, comfortable pair of shoes, flip flops, swimming trunks, a light jacket or sweater for the colder evenings, hat. 1 “fancier” change of clothes for when we hit the nicer restaurants in Bogotá
– Mosquito repellent
– Sun block
– Camel back or hydration system (it is good to have quick access to liquids while riding)
– Flashlight
– Chargers and aux battery pack
– Any medications you might consider you will need if you have a special medical condition

What are the age requirements?
16+ for Moto and Snowmobile trips
12+ for Pack Horse trips

Do you offer trips for women?
At this time the demand for women’s trips is very low and as such we are offering men’s trips only. However if you are interested in women’s trips we want to hear from you! Email:

All costs listed on our site are the total per person.
Public trips: We require a $1,000 deposit per person for public trips
Custom/Private trips: We require a $10,000 deposit for all private/custom trips. Once the deposit is received, we will then set up a private booking page for your group to book their spot. We’ll also then pull the dates from our public site.

Where can I keep my luggage during my trip?
If you have any luggage, there will be secure storage available.

What additional bags can I bring?
All belongings you bring will need to fit in the backpack/bag we provide or suggest. Any additional bags will be stored securely. On our Moto trips, the chase truck will carry your sleeping bag and ground pad. Everything else will be in your pack.

Are there opportunities to shower?
On our Moto and Pack Horse trips any rain we encounter will be your shower. There are also creeks and ponds where you can rinse off. We provide Wet Wipes in your backpack for additional cleaning. Bring a small, packable towel if you’d like! Our Snowmobile trip accommodations have showers.